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State of the insurance market

With the most stringent COVID-19 restrictions behind us, Australia and New Zealand are seeing a considerable lift in business activity locally. However, there is a raft of global factors - the Ukraine crisis, inflation and interest rate hikes, through to the ever-growing challenge of climate change impact - that continue to add to the complex outlook of the insurance market. To understand what your organisation can do to achieve the best placement outcomes, join an expert panel from WTW for up-to-date insights into the local and global insurance market.


  • Jill Stewart | Head of FINEX (Financial & Executive Risks) Australasia, WTW
  • Stephen MacDermott | Broking Director, WTW
  • Mark Thompson | Broking Director, Construction Risks, WTW
  • Jeremy Wall | Head of Global FINEX, WTW
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Economic Outlook: Lights out! Energy crisis, policy mistakes and uncertainty

As Russian gas supply is coming to a halt, the fight against inflation is raging and political uncertainties coalesce, the outlook for the global economy is worsening. The trifecta of lower growth, higher inflation and higher rates will hit even harder. Global growth is likely to slip back into negative territory in Q4, followed by a slow recovery in 2023. We will discuss what to expect for major economies (the US, the EU, Asia-Pacific) and across asset classes.


  • Ludovic Subran | Chief Economist, Allianz SE
  • Françoise Huang | Senior Economist for Asia Pacific, Allianz Trade
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Recording not available.

Exploring the emerging risks in the Australian D&O Landscape

AIG Australia’s Liliana Uhrik - National Corporate Manager, Financial Lines is pleased to host a panel discussion that will explore the evolving market conditions and emerging risks impacting the Australian D&O and Cyber landscape. Joining the discussion to provide their diverse perspectives, we welcome Kelly Butler – Chief Client Officer & Cyber Practice Leader, Marsh, and AIG’s Richard Adamczyk – Australasia Claims Manager, Financial Lines and Michael Park, Global Cyber Claims Practice Lead.


  • Richard Adamczyk | Australasia Claims Manager, Financial Lines, AIG Australia
  • Michael Park | Global Cyber Claims Practice Lead, AIG Australia
  • Kelly Butler | Chief Client Officer & Executive Chair - Cyber Risk, Marsh APAC
  • Liliana Uhrik | National Corporate Manager, AIG Australia
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Is presenteeism the new black?

With increased pressures in society across Mental, Physical and Financial health, learn more about spotting the signs and symptoms of presenteeism and how it may be affecting the workplace. In this presentation we will explore the operational risks and costs of presenteeism to an organisation. Plus, we’ll present some actions for employers to take to reduce the risks presented by presenteeism.


  • Sally Phillips | Head of Health Services, Zurich Australia
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Making the world more resilient against weather-related hazards

Socioeconomic changes are still the main driver for current loss trends; however, climate change is altering the physical risk landscape with vents such as rising sea levels, extended wildfire seasons, and more intense droughts. While mitigation of climate change is still the key, assessing the impacts and adapt to avert the most damaging consequences becomes crucial.


  • Neil Aellen | Climate Scientist, Cat Perils, Cyber & Geo division (CPCG), Swiss Re
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COVID’s Metamorphosis: evolution of the class action and regulatory landscape

The last 5 years have seen metamorphoses in a number of areas affecting class actions, including cases going to judgment, legislative changes, an evolving regulatory environment and significant procedural developments. This session will explore the key changes in the class action and regulatory landscape, predictions for the future and how this has impacted and may impact the insurance market.


  • Jason Betts | Partner, Disputes Australia
  • Guy Narburgh | Special Counsel, Disputes Australia
Recording not available.

Navigating Interconnected Risk: The Tripartite View

In the current landscape, risks are intersecting across multiple dimensions in new and sometimes challenging ways, heightening the need to adapt, identify, manage and respond to these uncertainties. Risk Managers are invariably called upon to assist in the skillful navigation of this environment, where global relationships, customers and technology have increased our ability to transact and purse the opportunities that exist.

In this session, Jodie Over, Risk Manager for Ansell, will share her experience in navigating through an environment of high inflation, geopolitical changes and disrupted supply chains, to illustrate how risk management and insurance can respond to these interconnected risks. Amanda Marinis, Risk Management Leader for Marsh in Victoria, will provide insight into the tools and advice that can assist clients under a setting where timeframes can feel compressed and risk managers are faced with a consistent flow of questions. The session will be moderated by Stephen Nguyen, Head of Distribution for AXA XL in Australia, who will provide the insurer’s perspective into how a collaborative response is key in this ever-changing environment.

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Managing your supply chain vulnerability

Jeff & Alex will speak to how companies can increase knowledge & resilience to combat the increasing fraught supply chain system. Alex will outline case studies and products to address this issue.


  • Alex Hali | Senior Consultant Engineer - Risk Management, FM Global
  • Jeffrey Toh | Business Risk Consultant, FM Global Singapore
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A changing world in insurance

Chubb’s Gavin White, Global Client Executive, Major Accounts Division A&NZ is pleased to host a panel discussion with Chubb Australia & New Zealand heads of its Claims, Product, Risk and Human Resources divisions.  In our discussion, we will converse on customer experience, claims processing and experience, transformation of the business, people and culture, workforce changes and what lays ahead from a human resources perspective. 


  • Simon Priebbenow | Chief Risk Officer - A&NZ CHUBB
  • Chris Gough | Head of Property and Casualty - A&NZ CHUBB
  • Michael Babington | Head of Claims - A&NZ CHUBB
  • Gavin White | Global Client Executive Major Accounts Division A&NZ, CHUBB
  • Katrina Guthrie | Head of Human Resources - A&NZ, CHUBB
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Embedding DE&I in Strategic Risk Management

In a world filled with opportunities to build forward better, risk practitioners are well-positioned to lead risk + DEI linking for positive change. With growing expectations and attention from regulators, customers, and your own workforce, the ability to embed DEI thinking in strategic risk activity is more critical than ever for sustained success.

Discover new techniques to leverage diversity to better understand the problems that matter, while exploring new models for change. Learn inclusive leadership skills to help foster a culture that is more capable of positive change.


  • Monica Merrifield | Director Enterprise Risk & Compliance, March of Dimes Canada & Vice Chair, RIMS DEI Advisory Council
  • Jacob Toner | Director - Risk & Intelligence, Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai & Council Member, RIMS DE&I Advisory Council

Global Macro Trends in Insurance

Please join host John Donnelly and panelists as they discuss the below topics and more:

  • Inflation and rising interest rates
  • Cyber risks
  • Digitilisation
  • Ongoing reverberations from the pandemic
  • World events and their impact on global and local insurance markets
  • Demand on talent
  • ESG


  • Demetra Day | Head of Distribution, CHUBB Australia & New Zealand
  • Christine Bell | Country Head, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
  • Stefan Feldman | Regional Head ASEAN & Australia, Managing Director, HDI Global Asia Pacific
  • Catherine Carlyon | Country Manager - Australia, AXA XL
  • John Donnelly | Managing Director, Head of Global Placement Asia & Pacific
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